Polyethylene tubes

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The plastic tube packaging is a method more and more commonly used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, or others. It is the specialization of the Mpack company, located near Warsaw in Poland. They accept orders from all around Europe and their products are not only extremely efficient, but also eco-friendly and completely recyclable. Mpack always wants to meet every customer's specified requirements, so they have placed a remarkably useful tool on their website, namely the Tube Creator, with the help of which you can adapt the ordered product perfectly to your individual needs.

Plastic tubes

Mpack is one of the best tube manufacturers in Europe. That is why they are often chosen by internationally known enterprises and they have developed vividly for the last 8 years. They produce highest-quality polyethylene tubes, which are suitable for various substances. Therefore, they can be used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or other industry. Thanks to an interactive tool, available on the website mpacktubes.co.uk, you can design a tube yourself. This allows you to adjust the company's offer to your individual needs.

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