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History enthusiasts will be able to find all they have ever dreamed about in Special Replicas collection. The online shop offers a wide variety of replica weapons and armours from many different time periods and fictional worlds. The craftsmanship put into every item available is easy to spot, because of the incredible resemblance to the original equipment. The customers can choose from various swords, shields, pistols, revolvers, machine guns, armours, uniforms, but also from products used to display them, like racks and hangers.

Sword for every weapon collector

A sword is definitely one of the most popular melee weapons in existence. Its appearance and functionality changed over the centuries to finally lose all importance after the invention of firearms. Today they are used during historical re-enactments, in TV shows and movies, but are also collected by weapon enthusiasts. Special Replicas offers swords from many centuries and popular media for its customers to choose from. There are blades used by Vikings, soldiers of the Roman Empire, samurai and many other well-known warriors.

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