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Lovter.com is an online journal created by and for true lovers of modern interior design. It shows how a room can be marvellously decorated with an eco-friendly fireplace and become impressively elegant. They can be placed both inside and outside, creating a wonderful atmosphere around itself. Moreover, the examples presented on Lovter.com are made in an incredibly creative way, what shows how huge imagination their designers have. They constantly come up with new projects, so if you visit the website often, you will be up-to-date with the latest trends.

The advantages of a biofuel fireplace

It should be taken into consideration that a biofuel fireplace is a much more ecological solution than its traditional predecessor. As it does not produce any smoke, it can be used inside a room safely, despite the lack of a chimney draught. It helps to reduce the smog which becomes a more and more serious problem. A biofuel fireplace or burner can be placed not only in a wall, but at any place you choose. Thanks to such a solution, you will be able to enjoy watching natural fire without polluting the air.

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